The Future of Customer Service: Amazon’s Mayday

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

The way customers interact with companies has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. In 1994, if you had a customer service issue, you either got on the family phone (cordless if you were lucky), or had to take an in-person trip to get your issue resolved.
Time and technology have made things easier over the years, but the recent launch of Amazon’s “Mayday” button represents a paradigm shift that puts the control in the hands of the consumer. A recent Forrester Report, “Quick Take: amazon’s mayday turns customer support into customer experience,” examines how Mayday is helping to shape the future of customer care.

According to Costa, Amazon’s Mayday button enables customers to connect to a live customer support professional 24x7x365—for free. When you need help, you press the Mayday help button and are quickly contacted with a Mayday customer service representative (CSR). You can see him or her on your screen, but they can’t see you, only what is on your screen. That CSR can also control your screen for you to help access a specific feature or solve a problem. For now, Amazon is using Mayday to help reduce the customer’s struggle around use of the Kindle, but with this new technology, the future potential is limitless.

Today, customer service means 24-7, free access to support, and it is quickly becoming one of the major factors impacting customer experience. Amazon’s solution is unique, but it is just one new idea in a spectrum of changing customer service offerings.

Consumers now demand instant access and control across all touch points. They are in the midst of a total mind shift, partially due to the ever-changing world of smartphones. As a result of their perpetual mobile connections, expectations have changed. Customers want utility, and they want it now. Mobile applications are crucial in today’s world, as they allow you to create relationships with customers who are outside the reach of traditional marketing.

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  • mary

    I really like how Amazon takes care of their customers. They really know how to please them. I commend them for finding innovative ways of providing excellent customer service experience.