Denny’s Daily Zinger: The Best Email Pitch Ever From a Stranger!

The subject line was a stopper: “Best & Worst Times to Send Email (Definitive Guide)”

Hell yes, I opened it.

The lede: “Did you know … The time and day of the week you send your email campaigns can impact results by up to 40%?”

[See the image in the mediaplayer to the right for the full email]

Everyone—EVERYONE!—who uses email would be nuts not to read on.

The offer: Get your free, 20-page Guide: “The Best Times to Send Email Campaigns”

Again, you have to be nuts not to download it. It’s full of information. It’s guaranteed to get the wheels in your brain turning.

Takeaways to Consider

  • Trolling for customers or clients? Offer a freebie.
  • Include a no-risk, free trial offer.
  • You have two shots at getting your e-mail opened: 1) “From” line and 2) Subject line
  • I never heard of Craig Stouffer, so the from line was meaningless.
  • Spend as much (or more) time on your subject line than on the email itself.
  • Subject line: 40 characters max (including spaces).
  • “Best & Worst Times to Send Email” is 33 characters. Okay.
  • “(Definitive Guide)” is an add-on. No loss if it gets cut off.
  • If the from line and subject line don’t change behavior, your effort is 100 percent failure.
  • Seventy-nine percent of smartphone owners and 72% of tablet owners use their devices for email.
  • Before clicking “send,” always send important emails to yourself.
  • Open them on smartphone, tablet and desktop computer.
  • We are all a mouse-click away from oblivion.

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