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Nuts & Bolts: Case Study

The American Alliance of Ethical Movers Taps a Moving Target

December 2007
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Challenge: Reach the pre-mover market

Solution: Place offers in a mover’s guide distributed by realtors

Results: A 42 percent increase in conversions over SEM and direct mail efforts

For many, moving is a process fraught with time-consuming chores, seemingly endless packing, unpacking, organizing and canceling and setting up utilities. For customers working to get settled so they can move on to more interesting tasks, such as finding the best running trail or deep dish pizza in their new town, services that simplify the moving process are often well-received. The challenge for marketers is, “How do you determine who is moving and when?”

According to Greg Presson, CEO of The American Alliance of Ethical Movers (AAEM), one tool that has solved this arduous challenge for his company is The Official Mover Savings Guide. Created by Berwyn, Pa.-based International Direct Response Inc. (IDR), the guide helps companies like AAEM capitalize on new movers’ purchasing needs. Including how-to tips, offers and coupons from companies such as Lowes and Sherwin Williams, Presson says the guide gives him the ability to reach an audience of 2 million households a year that was previously very difficult, if not impossible, to identify. In March 2006, AAEM started placing offers for “a free quote on a moving or van-line service” in the guide because it contains moving resources all in one place, is provided to new movers by a realtor before they move and presents an opportunity to be the first offer new movers see. Since it began advertising in the guide, AAEM experienced a 42 percent increase in conversions over its search engine marketing and direct mail efforts.

How It Works
By working with six brands in the real estate industry, IDR compiles a list of new movers, then uses the list to provide new movers with the guide. Timing is everything when handing out the guide, provided to consumers when they are preparing their current house to maximize resell value and at the same time thinking about making major purchase decisions for their new home. According to Presson, the guide reaches 100 percent of homeowners and 0 percent of apartment dwellers, which is key for the guide’s advertising base because it has an upscale appeal.

Why It Works
According to a 2006 IDR study, “The Realtor Pre-Mover Marketing Study,” consumers who are moving spend more money on major purchases during the three months surrounding their move than non-movers will spend in five years. Presson says, “If you are only reaching people after they have moved in, you have lost the battle to get your offer into their hands first, as 67 percent of the movers that responded to the study indicated they make the majority of their major purchase decisions before they move in.” Because most families move only every seven to eight years, getting in front of movers is a challenge. Presson says, “We have tested so many different channels, but the quality of the list or the search engine process has delivered less qualified consumers … this is significantly easier.”


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