Nuts & Bolts - Case Study: CheapAir Customers Stay on Board With Email

Ahead of its time, CheapAir switched from being a phone-to-FedEx travel service to an entirely online entity in 2001. Although Orbitz joined the Web ranks that year—and Expedia and Travelocity had already been there since the late ’90s—most travelers were still booking flights offline.

So says Gregory Samson, vice president of marketing at Calabasas, Calif.-based travel site CheapAir. But as “with-it” as CheapAir was, the company’s email system was woefully behind the times when Samson came on board in October 2010. Campaigns took 24 hours to send and, while sending, it almost seemed as if the lights dimmed—the servers were so taxed that the rest of the company’s computing needs came in second.

“I’ve tried to block it out of my mind at this point,” Samson jokes.

Samson set a priority of improving the email system so his marketing team could better communicate with customers. In the first quarter of 2011, CheapAir hired Redwood City, Calif.-based email service provider StrongMail.

The tool adapted to CheapAir’s data model and, very quickly, the travel company doubled email frequency to the 1.5 million customers in its database. Samson says subscribers now receive marketing emails twice a week, in addition to any ticketing confirmations or requested special alerts.

“We communicate with our customers to send them the latest airfare deals and cheap airline ticket offers from their city to popular destinations,” he says. “And also to send … a targeted set of the best vacation deals for them.”

CheapAir also can segment customers and tailor campaigns based on analytics—two new capabilities.

“Once a data source is available to us as a marketing team, we can run with it,” Samson explains. “We can improvise and evolve the communication using that data pretty freely.”

Even non-technical members of the marketing team can create campaigns now. Before, Samson says campaign creation involved customized work from the information technology team.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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