Some Social Network Users Find Value in Contact With Brands

About one-third of 3,000 U.S. social network users responding to a recent online survey conducted by ROI Research indicated a positive relationship with brand marketing on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The study, S-Net (The Impact of Social Media), was sponsored by performance marketing firm Performics.

For example, the study reported that half of the Facebook users who took the survey had clicked on Facebook ads to “like” a brand, and thirty-two percent of Twitter users re-tweeted content posted by a company or product. In addition, roughly a third of all respondents said they both learn about and recommend to friends products and services on social networking sites.

To Performics’ CEO Daina Middleton, these findings suggest a growing role for brand marketing on social networks. “Social networking has greatly contributed to the shift from strict consumerism to more lively, two-way participation between brands and everyday customers,” Middleton stated in a press release on the study.

Scott Haiges, ROI Research’s president, shared a few types of marketing content the survey respondents indicated would be welcomed from brands and firms on Facebook, in particular. These include printable coupons, sales alerts and special deals, and information on new products and services.

Performics and ROI Research plan to make available research on consumer activity on social networks broken out across 11 industries, including automotive, financial services and travel.

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