No Way Is Facebook the Only Game in Town

Some brands are so upset about the decline in the number of fans who see their organic posts on Facebook that they’re writing Dear Mark (Zuckerberg) notes, but there’s no need to be so extreme, says Jordan Kretchmer.
The CEO of San Francisco-based content marketing product and services provider Livefyre writes in “Why You Should Re-evaluate Your Facebook Strategy,” a piece iMedia Connection published on July 29, that marketers shouldn’t simply give up or forkloads of money over to Facebook.

“Instead of investing in Facebook campaigns that only live on Facebook or other social networks, use those campaigns to bring traffic to your owned properties—where you can truly drive toward conversion,” says Kretchmer.

As Facebook evolves from free to a targeted ad platform, marketers should evolve, too, he says. Add hashtags, photo contests and calls to action to social media marketing efforts on other platforms, says Kretchmer. Direct it all back to, for instance, the company site. Create a “social loop.”

Here’s how Kretchmer says marketers can implement this advice:

  • Inspire fans to create social content around the brand, then direct them to brand-owned properties to see their posts and engage with other fans.
  • “Weave dynamic social elements—like multichannel media walls, live chats, or trending applications—throughout your properties, creating a central hub where fans can interact with all the latest news and updates around your brand.” [Author’s note: One brand doing so is Coca-Cola.]
  • “Fans share and create more content directly on your properties, increasing engagement and time-on-site, while creating high-quality, authentic user content across social networks.”

Which other brands are doing this well?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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