Does E-commerce on Snapchat Have a Ghost of a Chance?

Infographic from Column Five and Marketo. To see the full infographic, follow this link:

On Wednesday, the same day that word went around that Alibaba may fund Snapchat for $10 billion, HW published Marketo and Column Five’s “Snapchat for Brands” infographic. In it is advice for how to market to Snapchat’s 13- to 25-year-old, 70 percent female users.
Acura, MTV, Taco Bell and Wet Seal are a few notable brands already using Snapchat to give friends sneak peeks of products and, in the case of MTV, awards. As for new uses of Snapchat, brands may note that Alibaba’s subsidiaries include e-commerce options. Then there’s also this July 22 article from Business Insider: “We Got Some Dirt on The Secret Payment Feature Snapchat Is Building.”

In the meantime, Marketo and Column Five advise marketers to use the following “Best Practices for Brand Communication on Snapchat” (also in the media player):

1. Create a brand account;

2. Use a cross-channel approach to promoting Snapchat content. Post calls to action on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest, presumably, is also fine;

3. Reward Snapchat friends and followers via contests, sneak peeks at products and content, coupons, videos and other Snapchat “use cases” that are brand-relevant;

4. Maintain friend and follower engagement through continuing to distribute “meaningful visual content”; and

5. Use the “my story” feature to distribute content (as Wet Seal did by having a 16-year-old blogger talk about the product for two days) to all friends and followers, or target specific friends by selecting them from the contacts list for the brand.

Marketers using Snapchat, are there any stories to share? How useful is this uptick in e-commerce possibilities for marketers? (Twitter and Facebook recently joined this bandwagon.)

Please respond in the comments section below.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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