Promoting Mother’s Day is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

For your third and final email campaign, send out a reminder letting everyone on your list know that there are only a certain number of days left before your shipping deadline, or offer last-minute gift ideas available at your store. You can also appeal to procrastinating shoppers with “final days” specials, delivery incentives and two-for-one “Mom and Me” coupons.

Don’t forget your fans
Be sure to add your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube contact information in each email you send. Integrating your social media and email marketing efforts extends the reach of your messages to networks of influencers who can share this content. In turn, they’ll endorse your messages to their network of friends, compelling them to subscribe to your list. This opens up new sales channels in a truly 21st century word-of-mouth campaign.

Melanie Attia is the product marketing manager at Campaigner, an email marketing service provider. Melanie can be reached at

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