Online Marketing’s Soft Sell: The 2-Stage Conversion

For those who have a high volume of visitors, the Lightbox is a great way to go to get that stage-one conversion. For those who are not seeing a high volume of traffic, using Display advertising to attract visitors to a landing page with a signup form is a great strategy for accessing new traffic.

Social media Likes and Follows can be seen as a first conversion, but one must be diligent in the second stage, as engagement levels can be very low via these channels, for a variety of reasons.

Whatever the strategy for attaining that first conversion, it must require a minimal investment on behalf of those you wish to convert. Simply asking visitors to sign up for an email list, be it on your Lightbox or on another form, enables that first conversion, and lets you begin to communicate with them further.

By completing the first step, you open the door for further communications down the road, with the opportunity to convert this same individual at multiple times.

Stage 2
Depending on the type of conversion you’re after in stage two, the approach here may be somewhat different, but all with the same goal in mind: achieving a sale.

Getting a large amount of contacts, especially when marketing through email, is very important to this process. My own experience with email marketing shows an average open rate of around 18%, which then results in a CTR of around 10%. This means that only 1.8% of emails generate a click. This is the very reason why the initial conversion requires such low engagement; because we’re venturing into territory where engagement can be very low.

Email marketing works very well for sites that sell apparel, such as clothing or shoes. They have an audience that is interested in what they’re selling and, through email, they’re able to share sales, specials and new products with them on a regular basis.

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