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Digital River's SocialStream is like an e-marketer's social media headquarters, providing key data on sales performance, Twitter followers, Facebook information and more.

Marketing campaigns don’t exist solely between the hours of 9 to 5, but if a marketer can’t access campaign and customer data away from the office, it’s almost as if they do. Enter Indianapolis-based on-demand marketing software solution firm Aprimo and its latest offering, Aprimo Mobile.

With Aprimo Mobile, marketers can access their campaigns, reports, content, data and more from any smartphone device, such as the DROID, Blackberry, iPhone or even an iPad. This keeps a campaign running efficiently outside of working hours, and allows marketers to be more productive while not tethered to the office.

Social Media
E-commerce solution provider Digital River, based in Minneapolis, recently announced its new social media tool.

SocialStream, powered by the company’s e-commerce solutions, gives marketers the ability to launch and maintain their e-store promotions over multiple social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook. Using SocialStream, marketers can gather sales metrics; create detailed campaign reports that show activity such as unique clicks, conversions and revenue generated; and develop promotions quickly and post them to social networks simultaneously.

Ad Creative Optimization
Bringing together the science of analytics and the art of creative, Atlanta-based EyeWonder, a Limelight Networks business, has unveiled AdVolve—a tool to help marketers boost ROI and the effectiveness of their media spend.

Described as “an intelligent creative tool that helps advertisers … maximise the impact of every impression by dynamically analyzing then optimizing the performance of the creative elements that make up a display advertisement,” AdVolve can be used to determine the caliber of creative combinations, launch localized interactive ads and capture live feedback in real time. The tool is powered by the decision engine technology in the EyeOne next-generation cloud-based platform, which also debuted recently.

Online Video
According to Reston, Va.-based comScore, more than 177 million Internet users in the U.S. watched video content in June. As viewing videos online continues to grow by leaps and bounds, comScore has introduced Video Metrix 2.0, a next generation of the company’s online video measurement service. Enhancements to the tool include filtering viewing activity between content and ads; TV show-level reporting for major sites such as, and; video ad network ranking by the reach of ads delivered to viewers; and additional reporting metrics—viewing sessions, percentage of ads by videos viewed, average daily unique viewers, etc.

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