Leveraging Pinterest to Benefit Email Marketing Campaigns

Much to everyone’s surprise, the runaway hit social networking site at the turn of 2012 isn’t Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. It’s Pinterest, the latest social media craze that seems to have captured everyone’s attention.

Pinterest is essentially a graphic social bookmarking network. It’s quickly skyrocketed into one of the top 10 most visited social networks of the past year, having already attracted more than 10 million registered users. And it continues to grow in popularity, even making Time’s list of the 50 best websites of 2011.

The concept behind the image-based platform is simple: users create pinboards and post relevant photos to them. Pins are images and videos collected from anywhere on the web. You can also download a browser extension which allows you to quickly pin anything you find online directly.

With yet another social network to keep track of, how can companies best use Pinterest to their advantage in conjunction with email marketing campaigns? For starters, it’s important to understand that Pinterest goes far beyond simply just sharing or liking things of interest; it allows users to actively collaborate on various topics.

Some companies have already set up accounts on Pinterest and asked users to repin and like their images. If users like what you pin, it will be repinned. In turn, their friends will see your pins and have the option to repin them and so on down the line.

Pinterest is based on image sharing, so the key factor to leveraging it as a supporting advertising and communication channel is to pay attention to how images are integrated with email sends. The better the image, the more likely a user will want to pin it. You can include a small description of an image you post on Pinterest or place it in your e-newsletter along with a link that leads users to the specific page on your website that hosts the image. Doing this gives you even more opportunity to tell users about your product, service or company.

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