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Is Personalization Creepy? - LinkedIn Discussion of the Week

October 26, 2012
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You're a guy. You're on Facebook. You're thinking about going to that party tonight while absentmindedly checking out your new friend request and—Bam!—you get bombed by a creepy condom ad from the hypothetical son you could create if you meet someone tonight and you're not careful.

That's the scenario that probably played out for plenty of men targeted by Olla Condoms. It's what Target Marketing magazine blogger Rio Longacre calls "The creepiest social campaign I have ever seen." It's one of the reasons Longacre wrote his latest post, "Creepy Marketing and Social Media: How to Scare Away Your Customers for Good" and that post is absolutely why Colleen T. Reese, a LinkedIn Integrated Marketing Mix group member, created the poll "Multichannel Marketing Thursdays: Is Personalization Creepy?"

The options for the nearly 1,000 group members to choose from are:

  • Yes!
  • No.
  • Depends.
  • Undecided.

An hour after Reese created the poll, four members had already chimed in, with half picking "depends" and the other two split between "Yes!" and "No."

What do you think? Is personalization, in fact, creepy? Or, tell us more about its creepiness or lack thereof in the comments section.


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