4 Steps to a Flawless Marketing System

The key to growing your small business consistently and sustainably is generating and converting the most leads possible. In order to accomplish this, you need to use an integrated marketing system that makes the most of direct mail and online marketing.

There are four marketing steps you can take to build a flawless marketing system that leaves no lead behind.

Step 1: Direct Mail Lays the Foundation
The key to any marketing strategy is a solid foundation of lead generation. Direct mail has proven time and time again that it can deliver leads for your company to turn into customers. It works because it uses targeted mailing lists to generate QUALITY leads. These are the prospects that are already in need of your offers, but just don’t know you exist yet.

Along with marketing to your new prospect demographics, you need to market to your current customers, too. This is how you grow your business, by attracting new customers and keeping your current customers loyal to your company.

Step 2: Mail Tracking Prepares You for Success
Once you have designed and mailed your postcards, you should track them so you know when your prospects are receiving them. When your postcards arrive in prospects’ mailboxes, responses will start coming in and you need to be ready. It won’t be cost-efficient to make adjustments to your operations before your postcards have arrived though.

The USPS can place a barcode on your cards that gets scanned as it travels to your prospects. This means you can follow them, and make the necessary preparations that can help you make the most of your marketing response in a cost-efficient manner.

Step 3: Google Remarketing Generates and Converts Online Leads
When your direct mail campaign is established, you need to be ready for your website to get more traffic. A flawless marketing system integrates both direct mail and online marketing to produce leads and convert prospects.

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