Instagram’s New E-commerce Options

Perhaps soon, all of social media will be an e-commerce site. Tomorrow, Instagram’s feed will be “instantly shoppable” with Like2Buy from Curalate. On Tuesday, Nordstrom announced how it will use Like2Buy to make items on its feed available.
“Here’s how it works,” Nordstrom announces, “When a customer sees a photo posted on Nordstrom’s Instagram feed that they’re interested in purchasing or learning more about, they simply click on the Nordstrom profile name and then click the link on the Nordstrom profile page. Next, they will see a gallery of all the featured products and can select an item and go directly to to complete their purchase. Customers can also use the ‘My Likes’ function in the gallery to curate items they love for future inspiration or to purchase at another time.”

Instagram joins Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat by having e-commerce capabilities. (Pinterest is also e-commerce friendly, but not in quite the same way.)

Curalate says Nordstrom and Target are among the first brands to try Like2Buy on Instagram.

Are social media networks becoming e-commerce sites?

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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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