Cover Story: Inbound Marketing

Do you know what it takes to tap into today's top marketing channels? Take the quiz and find out!

The sheer spectrum of possibilities for inbound marketing and lead generation can be daunting, but you can easily take advantage of the method if you know how to prioritize the tools available. Take the quiz below, then click on the link of each question to see what top inbound marketing experts have to say about the answers!

The Quiz

1. With Google continually updating its search algorithm, what’s the best strategy for SEO right now?

a. Forget optimizing for Google and simply go with your gut.b. Stuff as many keywords into your articles as possible and watch your site soar up the charts.

c. Invest in buying inbound links—it’ll save you a lot of trouble and still get you high up in the search engine returns.

d. Quality content, including on-topic articles of 1,000 words or more, is highly rewarded on Google now.

2. Does optimizing promotional videos for Google search payoff?

a. As long as you have a quality video, you don’t need to fret over Google optimization. Google will find your videos.

b. Labor intensively over title tags, keywords and other metadata to ensure your video is noticed.

c. Video is over as a Web medium—there’s simply too much video out there to expect a marketing home run here.

d. Keyword stuffing also has big payoffs in video.

3. What’s the best way to leverage online reviews for inbound marketing—while protecting your back?

a. Deal with negative reviews forcefully and be sure to bring in good arguments against every negative comment in a review.

b. The majority of negative reviews can be quashed with the threat of legal action.

c. Stay positive in your responses, even if it kills you, and invest in an online reviews domain on your website to counterbalance others that can’t be controlled by your company.

d. Don’t get overly concerned about online reviews—few people believe they have any real credibility.

4. Can you find new customers on Facebook using Facebook hashtags?

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