E-commerce Link: Highlighting Your Way to the Top

Some examples of rich snippets visible on a search engine results page.

How to rank in more Google searches using structured data markup

Snippets are the descriptive text blurbs that appear under every search result. A rich snippet is any search result that appears with extra information, such as a thumbnail image, star rating, runtime (for a film), or cooking time (for a recipe). Rich snippets look much more appealing and can help increase clickthrough rates by helping content stand out on a noisy search results page.

Structured Data in Mobile
Structured data may become more important as mobile search continues to grow. According to Mobile Marketer, mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search by 2016. Google recently updated its algorithm to better process conversational queries, or searches posed as a question, due to the popularity of voice search among mobile users.

In some cases, according to Mobile Commerce Daily, mobile searchers may be closer to converting than desktop searchers. Researchers found mobile searches about restaurants had a 90 percent conversion rate; 64 percent converted within the hour. Applying structured data to pages may help search engines provide better results for mobile searchers’ queries, especially those related to locations.

Coming Together in the Name of Search
Bing, Yahoo and other search engines use structured data to inform their search results, as well; which is why these normally competitive search engines decided to work together to create universal structured data tags. The result was Schema.org, a wiki of all of the structured data tags and content types currently recognized by the major search engines.

Search experts have been using the Schema.org markup to add structured data and craft rich snippets for several years. Brands can add Schema.org markup to their product details, brick-and-mortar locations, blogs/news, recipes, mobile or Web apps, events, or user-generated content pages.

But Schema.org markup must be hardcoded into pages manually. While many free online tools can partially automate the process for some content types, adding Schema.org markup to your site may seem like a time-consuming and confusing task.

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