How Do YOU Keep Email ROI Healthy? – LinkedIn Discussion of the Week

Email was a hot topic at DMA2012 this week precisely because of its role in multichannel marketing, where email is adapting to being accessed via new channels like tablets and smartphones, and also serves as a main call to action for other channels, like social media. Earlier this week, we ran a story on how marketers can keep email ROI healthy in today’s multichannel marketing environment. But after hearing so many experts talk about email marketing, I’d like to hear what you’re doing.

In “5 Ways to Keep Email ROI Healthy,” John Pinson included the following tips:
1. Engage with customers on their terms.
2. Adapt to the small screen (mobile).
3. Use social media to engage in a two-way dialogue.
4. Support multichannel customer conversations.
5. Effectively monitor customer engagement.

Are you using those tips in your email marketing? Are you using other techniques? What email changes and challenges are you worried about today?

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