How Can You Best Use YouTube for Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing: The sheer spectrum of possibilities for lead generation can be daunting. Do you know what it takes to tap into today’s top marketing channels? To help readers benchmark their knowledge and get on the right track, we asked industry experts what they saw as the seven most important questions about around inbound marketing today, and how marketers should answer them.

How can you best use YouTube for inbound marketing?

a. Businesses should stay away from YouTube marketing, lest they lose too much control over the marketing message.

b. YouTube is a godsend to marketers and should be a part of every company’s marketing strategy.

c. Businesses risk looking unprofessional if they truck in less-than-studio quality video on YouTube.

d. YouTube is too big for the everyday business to break through on.

Answer: b. YouTube is a godsend to marketers, and should be a part of every company’s marketing strategy.

Ask Michael Miller, who wrote “YouTube for Business.” Miller recommends jumping right in, posting multiple marketing videos on YouTube to get higher on the radar of Google, and not getting overly concerned about video production values. Most people don’t expect overly slick production on a YouTube video, he says.

You’ll also want to use YouTube’s free analytical tool, Insight, to test the marketing punch of your commercial. Insight’s metrics include the overall popularity of your video, who’s viewing your video, where those viewers are coming from on the Web and what keywords they’re using to find your video.

Says Michael Rolfe, digital marketing executive of London-based digital marketing firm Koozai, “YouTube Insight will tell you how people are finding your videos, and how many views certain search terms are bringing in. This may give you ideas on different words you can use to describe your content that better reflect what people are searching for, which can help you optimize your content and increase traffic.”

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