Nuts & Bolts - Content Marketing: A Bridge Over B-to-C Channels

eBay uses content “exclusively” for selling, says Jeffrey Wilks of eBay Enterprise. USA TODAY uses it to engage readers across channels, retaining them after they travel from social networks to the news site, says Jill Engle. For Havas Worldwide, content was once the province of someone’s spare time, but now the agency has chief content officers, says Matt Blasco.

In three out of three cases, content marketing is a much higher priority than it once was.

Wilks, head of client services at King of Prussia, Pa.-based eBay Enterprise; Engle, VP of marketing at USA TODAY; and Blasco, managing director of analytics and insights at New York-based Havas Worldwide, related these stories during the “Content That Bridges Your Channels” session June 4 at Integrated Marketing Week in New York.

They provide marketers with the following advice:

• Consumers are looking for “recognition and value for who they are and what they want” in content. —Wilks

• If consumers have eight different devices, “recognize them across those devices.” —Wilks

• Serve consumers appropriate content for each stage of the customer journey. —Blasco

• The only way to success is to treat people as individuals, which is why eBay Enterprise serves content based on past behavior. —Wilks

• “There’s no aggregate consumer.” —Blasco

• Marketers can create custom environments around users, as USA TODAY does on its mobile-first entertainment site. —Engle

• Make the mobile experience simpler, with shorter content that’s easier to read. —Wilks

• Responsive design helped eBay Enterprise with its success. —Wilks

• Use attribution tools to see which content works best. —Wilks

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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