Nuts & Bolts - Case Study: Building Social Media ROI Through Influencers

That rating feeds into a Net Promoter Score (NPS), which Satmetrix says equals the number of “promoters” minus the “detractors” (those who rated HouseMaster from zero to six out of 10).

Since August, HouseMaster has emailed more than 50,000 survey invitations that resulted in more than 17,000 responses. Of those responses, Tangradi says 10 percent of customers spread the word about HouseMaster on social media, and “our NPS score is 85 percent right now.”

In May, Tangradi started a “Facebook call to action” effort that took customers from individual franchise pages to the corporate one. The first incentive was for Mom—HouseMaster mailed out 500 tree seedlings to customers who became official fans. In June, the trade was “The Pocket e-Guide to Home Inspection.” Next, HouseMaster gave away a card game, then a $25 coupon for its services.

In between calls to action, Tangradi says: “We try to make our posts valuable. We try to make our content rich and meaningful. And we want to stay in touch with the consumer.”

Built on this firm foundation, Tangradi says results from the social media program continue to impress her. About 180 customers liked HouseMaster in May; as of September, that number is more than 2,000.

Who knows how many consumers will like HouseMaster’s next call to action, which will be hosted on Facebook and promoted on Twitter and LinkedIn. “We’re also running a campaign in 2013, beginning in January, which is, ‘What is your dream home improvement project? Post your photo of what needs to be improved in your house.'”

Tangradi predicts it will only build upon HouseMaster’s social media ROI.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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