Denny’s Daily Zinger: Grow Your Business . . . or Stagnate

Here in Philly, The Barnes Foundation, a quirky museum, went bust and was falling apart. Founded in 1922 by a nasty millionaire, the collection includes 67 Cézannes, 59 Matisses, 18 Picassos and 181 Renoirs.

Albert C. Barnes (1872-1951) was smooshed by a giant tractor-trailer in 1951. His will decreed the collection could never be sold, re-hung or moved from its gallery in the Merion suburb 10 miles from center city.

To save the collection, millions of dollars were raised. Barnes’ will was overturned and a spiffy new facility was built on the Ben Franklin parkway down the pike from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It opened May 19, 2012 with a collection worth in excess of $25 billion.

People visit us in Philly and the one thing they want to see is the Barnes. I’ve been there 10 times. For me it’s Groundhog Day. Out of sheer boredom one day I went through the entire first floor of this small, jewel box of a collection counting naked ladies. I think I counted 78 nudes.

The great museums have rooms to mount wonderful new exhibitions with borrowed works from all over the world. Meanwhile the Barnes stagnates.

Okay, space exists for special shows. But the Barnes’ curators haven’t come up with anything compelling so far.

If you run a business or work for yourself, come to Philly and visit the Barnes—10 times—and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Then grow your business—and your mind—or stagnate.

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