Fundraising and Financial Services Top the Premium Usage for 2013

Tote bags, reports, books, prepaid/gift cards and points are a few of the premiums used in 1,395 direct mail offers, or 15.8 percent, received by Who’s Mailing What! in 2013.

Nonnprofits/Fundraising topped the chart with 365 offers using premiums, 85 of which were for tote bags. The World Wildlife Fund enticed donors with the offer of “a set of 4 FREE WWF Tote Bags.” Other premiums used for this category were blankets, books, water bottles, plush toys, t-shirts and umbrellas.


Points and bonus miles dominated Financial Services, accounting for more than half of the 311 offers using premiums. Chase Manhattan Bank, Third Federal Savings & Loan and Travis Credit Union offered gift cards for Home Depot and Disney, while Heartland Bank and Trust Co. offered a collapsible chair for opening a new checking account.

In addition to prepaid and gift cards, premiums used in the 272 Retail offers included panties (Victoria’s Secret), burgers (Omaha Steaks), jewelry (Pandora and Stauer), a coat (Woman Within) and mystery gifts (Haband Co., New York Mint and Schweitzer Linens). A Wegmans mailpiece received in March 2013 read “Chat w/Pharmacist & Get a Free $6 Meal.”

Reports and books made up 47 percent of the premiums used in the 257 Publishing offers received. Other premiums used were bags, calendars, t-shirts, watches, jackets (Sports Illustrated) and USB car charger (Motor Trend Magazine).

In the Telecom/Technology sector, there were 107 offers using premiums and most of these were prepaid/gift/reward cards. The remaining 6 percent of direct mail pieces received in 2013 using premiums included 14 Insurance, 37 B-to-B and 33 Travel offers.

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Cheryl Cagle is research analyst/database editor for Direct Marketing IQ, the home of direct marketing research, and Who’s Mailing What!, the most complete library of direct mail and email. Reach her at

Cheryl Cagle is the database/affiliates director for Direct Marketing IQ, the home of direct marketing research, and Who's Mailing What!
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