Penton Launches ‘SmartReach’ Marketing Data to Enhance Audience File

Focuses on innovative development and delivery of targeted database to help businesses drive more effective marketing, enhance lead generation

Penton, a leading professional information services company, formally announced that it has formed Penton SmartReach, a division focusing exclusively on the development, management and delivery of targeted data and subscriber information to help direct marketers identify, reach and activate more prospects and generate more effective leads. The database has 16 million business-to-business records, representing 7.8 million unique businesses.
This division capitalizes on Penton’s strengths—data, user engagement and targeted marketing—by managing its data in-house instead of outsourcing its subscriber and data information to list vendors as it had done previously. The move represents a significant strategic shift for Penton to enable further innovation, and strengthen its competitive position within a fast-changing data industry. Penton has been aggressively investing capital and human resources in building its deep, rich sets of sophisticated data for digital marketing—a clear competitive advantage for Penton in the market. Penton SmartReach is led by Joann Kropp, vice president, customer data solutions.

“We view this shift as very timely and an opportunity to vastly expand our ability to help endemic and non-endemic direct marketers utilize our highly engaged file,” said Warren N. Bimblick, senior vice president, strategy and business development. Kropp continues to report to Bimblick. “There is also huge potential to serve the large SMB market in ways that tie in with marketing services programs,” added Bimblick.

“Penton’s more nimble and strategic approach to direct marketing puts us closer to clients by offering industry expertise and integrated marketing solutions that create better engagement and deliver better click through rates that list vendor’s can’t provide,” said Kropp, whose career, including more than five years at Penton, includes the successful development of enhanced business intelligence and customer prospecting/marketing products.

Kropp continued, “Penton’s deep industry knowledge and our first-hand understanding of what audiences want is becoming increasingly important to businesses and underscores the value add that SmartReach brings to clients. This is especially true as digital marketing and big data converge and businesses search for the most targeted and granular data to help drive more effective marketing and lead generation. We are advocating programmatic marketing where the marketer engages with the prospect audience based on behavior and targeting.”

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