Five Strategies to Turbocharge Your Postscript

It always floors me how many so-called “experts” leave money on the table by forgetting to use a postscript (or P.S.) in their letters—or paste a drab blob of drivel at the end of a rock ‘em, sock ‘em pitch.

A hard-hitting P.S. is your last, best chance to ring the KA-CHING bell! Sales equals money, which equals more work for the copywriter, raises for the marketing manager, happy senior execs and owners … well, you get the picture.

Online and off, testing the P.S. is easy and darned near free. Here are five strategies that work:

1. Add a bonus offer, restate your unbelievable guarantee, mention a recent research report for an extra dash of credibility or share the rating of an expert (particularly effective in selling snob-appeal products like wine).

2. Try multiples. Many controls go there by using not one P.S., but many. Test your way into your product’s answer.

3. Add a push date. A couple of months ago, I boosted overall response on a subscription offer by nearly 10 percent just by dropping in a deadline in bold.

4. Use a short testimonial (and add one to your order form to overcome any last-minute doubts), as in “I just got this note from Sophie Snyder …”

5. Handwrite the P.S., as though it really is an afterthought from a real person. Better yet, handwrite it on a 3˝ x 5˝ insert—as though it was tossed in the envelope at the last minute—to call out a special offer, discount or deadline extension. (The Web equivalent is a small, yellow note that floats over the landing page, handwritten in blue.)

P.S. Marketers who love the sweet sound of KA-CHING invest as much time in their P.S. as they do their teaser copy—and thank the gods when their competitors don’t. Are you a competitor’s answered prayer? Don’t wait! Turbocharge your P.S. by July 30.

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