Email: First Impressions

While it’s best not to use style sheets between the head and body of an email, it’s better not to use them at all, according to Unica Pivotal Veracity. Here, Outlook 2007 better renders smooth light blue and gray background colors per the style sheets.

Five keys to email marketing success in a multichannel world

2. Know Your Customer
The concept of relevancy brings us to another key tenet of email marketing: Know your customer. Successful email marketing means understanding how your customers consume your digital marketing. Consider providing them with a preference center so they can tell you exactly how often they want to be contacted. If they use mobile devices, analyze the addresses you collect and determine the most popular domains in your house file. By knowing how your customers read email—as in which email clients they are using—you can ensure that the emails you design meet the often nuanced and varying design criteria of today’s email environments.

Successful email marketing is a cross-channel effort in today’s world. Customers are reading the same email on a smartphone, in a webmail client and on a desktop email client. Every email you send has to be prepared for these three key environments. You have to design your messages assuming that email is a border-jumping medium.

The flexibility of email doesn’t stop at the three primary email reading environments; mobile has long been fueling the uptake and use of social networks as a means of communication. According to comScore, 70 percent of mobile users access email, but 43 percent access social networks. Email can be and is shared on social networks; this drives a kind of second life for an email in the form of viral marketing on social networks. Having succinct subject lines, which will become the default titles of these viral posts, is a vital element of a successful cross-channel email marketing campaign.

3. Your Web Designers May Need Guidance
If you don’t have a dedicated email resource in-house and are relying on your Web designer to code your HTML marketing emails, that designer may need a guideline or two to follow. Here’s your crash course in HTML email design:

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