Survey Says: Email Is Top Area of Marketing Investment in 2013 and Data Integration Is the Biggest Challenge

StrongMail, a leading provider of email marketing and cross-channel marketing solutions for enterprises, today announced the results of its “2013 Marketing Trends” survey, which provides unique insight into how businesses plan to budget and prioritize marketing dollars in the new year. Respondents identified email marketing, social media and mobile as the most popular channels for receiving increased investment in 2013. The survey results also highlights the importance of managing big data effectively, as data integration is identified as the top email marketing challenge for 2013.

With smart phone penetration breaking the 50 percent barrier in the U.S. according to comScore, and nearly half of all Facebook users accessing their accounts via mobile devices, it is clear that mobile will to increase in importance as a marketing channel.

Additionally, marketing budgets overall will again rise in 2013 as 89 percent of respondents plan to increase or maintain spend, a slight decrease from 92 percent in 2012.

Survey Highlights

  • 89 percent plan to increase or maintain marketing spend in 2013
  • 56 percent plan to increase email marketing budget; 52 percent social media; 43 percent mobile; 40 percent search
  • 45.6 percent cite data integration as primary email marketing challenge in 2013; 39.5 percent lack of resources/staff; 36 percent integration with other marketing channels; 34 percent content management
  • 65 percent plan to integrate email marketing with social media; 52 percent with mobile
  • 50 percent cite increasing subscriber engagement as top 2013 email marketing initiative; 48 percent improving segmentation/targeting; 33 percent growing opt-in email list
  • 46 percent plan to increase spend towards email marketing programs focusing on social media channel growth

Marketers Continue to Struggle with Data, Resources and Integration
At 46 percent, integration with customer data emerged as the top email marketing challenge in 2013, followed by lack of resources and staff at 40 percent and integration with other marketing channels at 36 percent. With the rapid proliferation of data giving rise to the big data phenomenon, it’s clear that marketers need to find a solution for managing the data and integrating it with other channels to drive relevant and effective messaging. The lack of resources and staff experienced by email marketers makes it even more critical to have a solution that can address their data needs today and in the future.

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