Landing Pages and SEO for DRTV Campaigns – Customer Acquisition Chain Link 5

[Editor’s note: This is the fifth “link” in a 10-part series. The first, Do You Have Broken Links?, appeared on Mar. 23. Check back Friday, April 27, for link Six: The Search Acquisiiton Chain.]

To investigate the DRTV-to-online acquisition chain, we looked at eight infomercials and short-forms during January and February, 2012. Consumers who watch TV commercials respond in three ways: (a) calling the 800 number, (b) going to the URL on the screen, and (c) typing product names and search terms into search engines like Google and Bing. For this analysis, we looked at both the website link and what the advertisers were doing in search:

DRTV Commercial No. 1: Blue Buffalo Pet Food. Link: This high production value commercial talks about the values of Blue Buffalo pet food and invites consumers to compare it with their current pet food. Once online, consumers see a very well designed screen where they can start the test—well done. In terms of search, they are present for the keyword “true blue test” and for “blue buffalo” but not for “true blue.” They might consider building out their keyword program to include all variations on the company name, product name and key search terms.

DRTV Commercial No. 2: SelectQuote. Link: A very visually attractive short-form driving home SelectQuote’s value proposition is reinforced on their website with the same look and feel and easy navigation, which encourages the consumer to choose from three options. They are present on a number of search terms that we looked at, so this is a good example of a CAC well done.

DRTV Commercial No. 3: The AARP Automobile Insurance Program from The Hartford. Link: The straightforward commercial urges consumers to contact the company to get an auto insurance rate quote. The very simple (good!) site asks for the consumer’s ZIP code in order to get the quote process started. Perfect DRTV-to-Web linkage. They are present on some search terms but not all, so paid search could be enhanced.

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