Denny’s Daily Zinger: You Gotta See This Rembrandt Flash Mob!

Remrandt's The Night Watch.

In 2012, Peggy and I were in Amsterdam. As a pair of culture vultures, we of course had to visit the fabled Rijksmuseum.

The museum was undergoing a vast renovation and most of it was walled off. As a result, the major attractions were collected and exhibited in a few rooms. Among them: three tiny Vermeers, Rembrandt’s enormous heart-stopping The Night Watch and works by Franz Hals and Jan Steen.

We had a miserable time fighting through crowds of visitors, many of them taking photographs and disrupting the flow of traffic.

Rijksmuseum Redux
This past year, the renovation was completed the doors thrown open in a blizzard of hype and fanfare.

Correspondent Will Ezell sent me a link to the most fun P.R. stunt I have ever seen—Rembrandt’s The Night Watch flash mob in the Breda shopping mall.

For Best Viewing:

  • Scroll down to the third image and click on the arrow.
  • Go to bottom right and click on YouTube.
  • On the YouTube screen, click on the tiny empty frame at lower right.

You’re gonna love it!

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  • Peter Drew

    Sadly as I watched this brilliant piece of PR theater, I was struck by the thought that this probably wouldn’t be possible in an American mall. The event would be misconstrued by a shopper or shopkeeper as either a terrorist attack or robbery. Actually, it probably would not get past the idea stage because of liability issues, including the fear of getting sued by someone in the mall who claimed they suffered psychological trauma during the event. I hope some brave marketer tries and succeeds with a similar PR stunt here in the US, giving me reason to be less cynical about such things.