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Denny's Daily Zinger: Time to Check Your Résumé?

February 13, 2014 By Denny Hatch
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Let's remember Wendy Davis' 15 minutes of fame.

Abortion is a third rail in American politics. Nobody likes abortion. The defining question: Is it the government's business?

With some of the nation's toughest abortion restrictions in Texas, it was a circus atmosphere at the state capitol in Austin last summer:

For more than 11 hours on June 25, state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, stood on the Texas Senate floor. She spoke—without taking a break to eat, drink or go to the restroom—against a bill that would tighten restrictions on abortion in Texas that she said would take the state to a "dark place." —Anna M. Tinsley, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, December 24, 2013 

Political junkies everywhere—myself included—were salivating for a juicy, bare-knuckles fight.

  • Republican vs. Democrat
  • Anti-abortion vs. Right to Choose
  • Woman vs. Man

Alas, it is likely not to be. A month later, The Dallas Morning News senior political writer Wayne Slater accused Wendy Davis of blurring "key facts" in her life story.

If Davis runs—as a Democrat in a Republican state—the opposition will pound home the idea that if Davis lied about her past, she cannot be trusted.

Takeaways to Consider

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