Denny’s Daily Zinger: The Bank That Keeps on Sticking It to Customers

The sign at TD Bank.

“The Bank That Keeps on Sticking It” is TD Bank, just a block and a half from my home.

TD service is terrible.

In case you missed the horrors of Moscow when neither of our TD Bank ATM cards would get us rubles, here was the story.

On another occasion, I almost had to turn down a French client because TD Bank refused to accept the direct deposit of euros for my retainer.

The Latest in Customer Relationship Misery and Awful P.R.
It’s been a lousy, snowy, frigid winter in the eastern half of the country.

After six days of relatively decent weather, the neighborhood retailers had had cleared the sidewalks and made it safe for pedestrians and folks getting out of a car at curbside.

The exception: TD Bank.

Instead of creating a welcoming and safe environment for customers, they taped a sign on the door.

[See the Illustration in the media player at upper right.]

The message to folks leaving the bank:



The underlying message from the bank’s lawyers:



Denny Hatch is the author of six books on marketing and four novels, and is a direct marketing writer, designer and consultant. His most recent book is “Write Everything Right! Visit him at or contact him at

Denny Hatch is the author of six books on marketing and four novels, and is a direct marketing writer, designer and consultant. His latest book is “Write Everything Right!” Visit him at

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  • Barry Dennis

    Where’s the rest of the article? Where are the takeaways? Do you really think TD consciously promotes terrible cuzstomer service? That’s certainly not the theme of their tv ad campaign, as I interpret it. Do you think TD is so TOTALLY UNAWARE OF IT’S NEED TO BE CUSTOMER FRIENDLY, OR IS THIS, AS i SUSPECT, AN ISOLATED INSTANCE OF A BAD BRANCH AND MANAGER. iF YOU HAD TD ON THE PHONE WOULD THEIR MISSION STANTMENT SAY "WE JUST DON’T CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS BECAUSE OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ARE so WELL DESIGNED THAT THEY OFFSET ANY MINOR CUSTOMER DEFICIENCIES.". Or, has the real TD stood up and been identified as a facade?

  • mikewrite

    Love those bankers and lawyers.

  • Glenn Peters

    Darn — NOW you tell me! I’m so sore from shoveling the driveway so my wife can safely walk to the garage and get to work. When the next storm comes, I’m just going to tape a sign to the back door: "Dearest Beloved: Please be aware of the snow and ice on the driveway." I’ll be back next week to let you know how that works out.

  • Thomas (Tom) Smith, III

    Denny, great example of how companies end up with negative Net Promoter Scores and how the bar is set so low that it’s pretty easy to provide a good customer experience (#cx) if you just put forth a little effort.

  • Thomas Green

    Yes, very poor. Of course, lawyers are able to take either side of an argument. Many have successfully sued the owner of a dog who bites when the post a sign "Beware of Dog". The point the attorney makes is "so you KNEW the dog was a problem before the bite occurred."