Denny’s Daily Zinger: Team Obama’s Rotten PR

President Obama needs a better PR team.

I believe in health care for all. The idea of non-coverage because of a pre-existing condition is obscene. And if a serious illness occurred, that uninsured person could lose the house.
Pre-ObamaCare, the health care system was a catastrophe.

It’s still sick and needs work.

However, ObamaCare Works, in Spite of Team Obama’s Lousy PR.
What triggered this column was the story of cancer patient Julie Boonstra, whose health care policy was canceled in the wake of ObamaCare. The Koch brothers ran attack ads. Actually, the patient could get a new policy under ObamaCare that would save her more than $1,000 a year.

If Obama PR were not run by Chicago political hacks, it would post an upbeat story like this every day of the week.

This is good copy. The media would run with it.

“PR is the business of letting people in on what you are doing,” my first mentor Evelyn Lawson counseled.

Heath Care Horror Stories
I Googled “Health Care Horror Stories” and got four stunners, including a guy who lost his job and his house in 2005.

Obama Team PR should post one of these horror stories daily, as well—seven days a week.

The key copy drivers—the emotional hot buttons that will get the country together on health care: Fear, guilt, anger and salvation.

This is the business of world-class PR.

Sadly, nobody in the White House would recognize world-class PR if it crapped on their heads.

This presidency is a train wreck because of gawdawful PR.

Denny Hatch is a copywriter, designer and direct marketing consultant. Click on the title to read the first three chapters of his most recent book, “Write Everything Right!” No cost. Contact him at

Denny Hatch is the author of six books on marketing and four novels, and is a direct marketing writer, designer and consultant. His latest book is “Write Everything Right!” Visit him at

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  • GeorgeM

    Perhaps some major PR gaffes but that Koch sponsored campaign had a pipsqueak budget. Hardly anyone saw that effort, so not sure how much influence it really had. For Mr. Obama, you would have to go back to the consolidated power of FDR during World War II to find a comparable PR juggernaut. Like then, Obama is the darling of Hollywood, the mass media and the ordained prince of the higher education institutions of this country. His PR power as president is unprecedented in terms of power and influence on a worldwide level. This "community leader" got elected by awesome PR. He never governed, never served in the military, he never even authored a single bill through congress during his dubious service as junior senator. PR is far more powerful than advertising. It’s just that sometimes the facts can be more powerful. Oh, for little ole me, under ACA I lost my doctor and my premiums jumped up 42%, so yes I may be a little biased. Thanks Denny. I greatly respect your perspective, and your Daily Zinger still competes with my morning coffee.

  • Scottboy

    Really. This program is a wreck and is costing people their policies. And their doctors. And it won’t be saving the average family $2,500 per year. On the contrary, it will cost the average policy holder more. Obamacare just makes Mr. Obama a bigger liar. Please call your utility company at once and have them track down the gas leak, Denny. It’s affecting your thinking.

  • John

    "This presidency is a train wreck because of gawdawful PR".

    What …………..????????

    This presidency is a train wreck because of incompetency, lying, etc., etc. To attribute the needs of a country to something as simple as effective PR is an idiotic statement.

  • MLC

    I don’t even know where to begin…Obamacare’s problem isn’t with PR. If anything, PR has helped to hoodwink people into thinking this is a good law. The program has been plagued with incompetency, overreach and back room deals. The article to write is how poorly the media is reporting the lousy numbers:

  • Eric

    Denny, held your opinion and judgment in high esteem until this. You could not be more mistaken. Gawdawful PR? Hardly. Gawdawful POLICY from a man who knows zero about leadership but is a master at pandering. Agreed that the pre-obamacare health care system needed improvement. But obamacare is now, and will continue to be an unmitigated disaster that sucks our great Republic further into debt and institutionalizes subsidization of many (not all, but many) who simply refuse to take personal responsibility.