Denny’s Daily Zinger: Social Media Marketing Idiocy

See information about second-screen marketing.

From “Guerilla Marketing” back in August 2005:
At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, the Mars candy people did not wish to spend millions in TV advertising as official Olympic sponsors.

Instead, they dressed up a slew of employees in M&M character suits and had them line the route of the marathon. When the runners came by, the M&Ms were ordered to jump out from the crowd and wave madly at the TV cameras, so they would be seen by tens of millions of people worldwide.

The newest incarnation of Guerilla Marketing is “Second Screen” advertising.

The popular HBO series [“Game of Thrones”] about a bloody civil war in a mythical feudal land reaches a coveted demographic of younger, wealthier viewers. But with no televised advertisements during the show, companies are trying to reach viewers through their smartphones, tablets and laptops with Twitter and Facebook posts.

This is “second-screen advertising,” a rapidly flourishing marketing trend.

The Arithmetic of Second Screen Advertising
As with the Olympic M&Ms caper (above), there’s no way to figure cost-per-thousand, track responses or measure sales.

Further, no way in hell exists to sell enough product to pay the salaries, benefits and overhead of the VPs, agencies, account executives and creatives responsible.

The only way to show a decent ROI for this arrant silliness is to fire all of the above.

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