Denny’s Daily Zinger – Social Media: Full of Sound and Furry Things to Pet and Play With

But can you use Social Media to sell stuff?


This a.m. (June 19, 2014) I went to The Wall Street Journal website on my morning prowl. What came up was the story of a huge Social Media campaign:

How Estée Lauder Creates Effective Photos for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram
The cosmetics brand looks for youth, fun and engagement with various poolside combinations of products, props and hand models

That same morning I stumbled onto Jordan Weissmann’s story about Viacom executive Mel Karmazin’s 2003 meeting with Google’s founders—Page, Brin and Schmidt. They detailed the many ways their company could track and analyze the effectiveness of online advertising. Karmazin exploded. In his mind, if advertisers could learn real results, advertising revenue would nosedive.

As Ken Auletta later recounted in his 2009 history of Google, Karmazin stared at his hosts and blurted out, “You’re f—ing with the magic!”

“The Internet is a new paradigm with new rules. And we make the new rules.”
This was the mantra of the smarty-pants kids who edged direct marketers out of web development in the mid-90s.

Check out my column on the new vocabulary of marketing: “engagement,” “customers’ journey” and “creating entertainment.”

Here was Souledd’s response to that column:

Sounds like you were caught in the storm Bob Hoffman describes during his keynote at Ad Week Europe.

I URGE YOU: spend 30 minutes with Bob Hoffman at the link above.

Hoffman confirms my opinion of Social Media: a giant, worldwide waste of time.

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  • GeorgeM

    “The Sound and the Furry.” You’re the best Denny. Will this be the title of your new book on how much BS there is in our business? I think Mr. Hoffman nailed it in this presentation you shared. Thank you.