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Denny's Daily Zinger: Lego - A Corporate Culture of Oxymorons

May 5, 2014 By Denny Hatch
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Senior Creative Planner for the LEGO Group's internal advertising agency
Location: Denmark, BillundJob Category: Marketing; Market and Consumer ResearchPosted: 3/27/2014Job ID: DK 1219

Inspire children across the globe
You'll be part of a creative team developing insights and creative twists that support the LEGO brand and inspire children through all ages and across the globe to creative play. Your key role is to collect relevant consumer insights and to translate them into propositions for communication and develop creative concepts and ideas that by the end of the day make sense for the children and their parents. You create the red thread from the strategy to the creative concept in collaboration with the team and the client
. —from Lego's website

What triggered this column was the Adfreak Daily Newsletter from Adweek with the following headline:

Lego Ad's Little Darth Vader Is Less Charming and Cute and More Completely Evil

The story featured the most gawd-awful, gross, repulsive TV spot for children's products I have ever seen in 78 years on this planet.


Takeaways to Consider

  • Whenever a creative team presents storyboards and script for consideration, sweetly and quietly ask them the following questions:
    —If your personal money were invested in this ad, would you do it?
    —Who is the audience for this?
    —What is the purpose?
    —Will it sell product?
    —Will it win an award?
  • Then fire the creative team.

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