Denny’s Daily Zinger: Keep the Offer Simple

The Norwegian Cruise offer. Click to enlarge.

Because we’ve sailed with Norwegian Cruise Lines, they send us offers. The most recent:
Two Cruises. One Price. Zero Reasons To Not Book Now.

After jumping around the website, I think I figured out the deal:

  1. Book and sail on a seven-day cruise between May and September 2014.
  2. Get a free three-day or four-day cruise to the Bahamas between September 2013 and February of 2015.

This is terrific. After a terrible winter here in the Northeast, a seven-day Caribbean cruise on a brand-new Norwegian liner sounds real good.

And a freebie to the Bahamas next January is icing on the cake. Whew-hoo!

Norwegian Doubletalk. Is This Bait-‘N’-Switch?
Have a look at Illustration No. 2 in the media player. Suddenly, Norwegian Cruise Line is talking about coupons—not free cruises.

(Note to Norwegians: In English, a “coupon” is something you redeem at the supermarket and get $1 off on a box of Brillo. If you are giving away a free cruise, you do it with a CERTIFICATE.)

In short, I do not trust these people.

Takeaway to Consider

  • This promotion smells to me like lawyers got their hands into this and messed with the copy and offer.
  • “The offer should be so simple an idiot can understand it.” –Malcolm Decker
  • Before going “live” online with an offer (or a website or an order mechanism), forward it to some total strangers (not people in the office). If these folks have trouble understanding it, go back to the drawing board.

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