Denny’s Daily Zinger: “How Often Should I Contact a Customer?”

When I was running Target Marketing magazine, I would get phone calls all the time from marketing kids asking either:

  • How many times a month should I contact a customer?
  • I’m considering buying such-and-such software that reminds me when to contact my customers. Is this good software?

My stock answer: Contact a customer when you’ve got important to say: a terrific new product or service, a sale, a “buy-one-get-one-free” promotion, etc.

Do not contact people just for the sake of contacting them.

Now, check out the media player at upper right and kindly tell me what the hell AT&T is doing?

These 10 emails were in my Yahoo inbox on Easter morning. I deleted the other 21 messages in-between and left these.

This is nuisance stuff.

The last time I came across anything like this was in the guest piece Peter Rosenwald wrote in May 2013, “Horrified By My Party!: 20 pleas for money from 15 Democrats in 2 days.”

Takeaways to Consider

  • I am not a customer of AT&T.
  • 10 messages out of 31 in the spam file do not reflect well on the sender.
  • I dared not open one of these for fear of spam.
  • If spam, AT&T should act. They look like jerks.
  • If these were indeed from AT&T, theirs is a marketing system run amok.
  • Companies with myriad divisions and marketing people should have set up an internal clearing-house with a chief traffic cop/scheduler.
  • This is not censorship or restraint of trade. It’s common sense CRM.

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