Denny’s Daily Zinger: How to Lose $60,000 in Two Seconds

Sasha Baron Cohen accepts the Charles Chaplain Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy.

After a two-day meeting with the agency on how to spend your TV advertising dollars, you have come up with a schedule and a budget.
You remember on this special evening you have a spot running on a major motion picture awards program. For this commercial, you spent $60,000 dollars.

You have booked the most prestigious moment in the ceremony—the Charles Chaplain Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy to Sacha Baron Cohen.

Following the Mr. Cohen’s acceptance speech, during the swell of music and rousing applause, your commercial is scheduled to run.

You have invited to your home the CEO and CMO of your company for a Champagne party, along with top colleagues at the agency—and their spouses—to be part of this grand event.

This roomful of people—pivotal to your career and your future—sits glued to your 84-inch Ultra High Definition LG TV with “4K” resolution, for which you paid $16,999.

A hotline has been set up to your inbound telemarketing company, enabling you to get instant results in real-time following the award.

Your heart is pounding in anticipation of a flood of orders.

Finally the moment arrives.

Here is what precedes your commercial:

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