Denny’s Daily Zinger: Does Anybody Value a Person’s Time Any More?

After 208 Kindle purchases, Amazon still doesn't understand what Denny Hatch wants in a book. Click to enlarge.

On successive days I received the following messages from Amazon in my Yahoo mail:

Denison Hatch: Kindle Exclusive Books for $2 or Less

Denison Hatch: Kindle Book Deals, $3.99 or Less

Note to Jeff Bezos: When you’re about to enter your 80th year, time gets more and more precious.

I am not going to spend one hour or six hours with an irrelevant—probably ill-written and boring—book just because it was $6 or $10 cheaper than a book that might be meaningful to me.

Jeff, according to your records, I have bought 206 Kindle books from you since 2008. You know my interests:

History – Biography – Memoirs – World War II – True-life Espionage – Hollywood – Middle East – American Politics – Sports – Celebrities – Media – Etc.

Jeff, given modern technology, it’s easy to analyze past purchases and come up with relevant offers.

It’s obvious price was never a factor.

How about not wasting my time by making offers based solely on price?

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  • joe smo

    The lower the price the more the sales. Not everyone is as rich as you.