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Denny's Daily Zinger: Cutting Research Down to 2 Minutes

April 17, 2014 By Denny Hatch
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I got cash from my bank's ATM the other day. 

Along the top and side margin of one $20 bill—front and back—was the following:

Track this bill at

[See the illustration in the media player at right.]

I spent two minutes tracking the travels of my double sawbuck and another five minutes looking up Hank Eskin, who founded the Website in 1998.

Inquisitive people have entered the serial numbers of 236.7 million bills so far.

Why would Hank Eskin spend "up to 100 hours a week" creating this website? "For fun," he said, "and because it had not been done yet."

The Incredibly Useful Internet
Hank Eskin's website got me thinking.

On the Internet, I can find something in two minutes that use to take two days or more.

Following the travels of bills in my wallet is a total time-waster.

However, here are some websites to cut two days of research down to two minutes.

  • Google (of course!)

  • The ultimate Internet fact-checker

  • Weather anywhere in the world

  • CIA World Factbook

  • Track the whereabouts of any commercial flight in the sky

  • Seating maps of 839 aircraft of 103 airlines.

  • Track the whereabouts of any registered ship passenger, cargo or large yacht

  • 613 newspaper front pages from 58 countries—daily

  • Find the net worth of congresspersons and senators, and who donates how much to them.


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