Denny’s Daily Zinger: A Tale of Two Film Previews

"Patton" and the life of Grace Kelly have two fabled previews.

Producer Pierre-Ange Le Gogam and mogul Harvey Weinstein are having a battle royal of the new biopic about Grace Kelly scheduled for a first-night showing at the Cannes film festival.
The star, Kelly look-alike Nicole Kidman was scheduled to fly in from Australia to lend her presence. Weinstein, who put up the money, went ballistic. The New York Times story by Michel Cieply never give a reason for the stinky-poo.

A clue can be found in Peter Bradshaw’s delicious review in The Guardian.

It’s traditional for Cannes to start with something spectacular. This is certainly no exception. It is a film so awe-inspiringly wooden that it is basically a fire-risk.

The Launch of ‘Patton’
My father wrote the first biography of Gen. George Patton and got to know all the family (with the exception of the general, who was killed overseas in a car crash in 1945).

In 1970, the Patton family—rich as Croesus—was outraged at the potential invasion of their privacy by the coming release of a film starring George C. Scott. A small fortune was spent on trying to quash the project.

After all, the potty-mouthed Patton adored war and would come off badly.

In desperation, the producers invited members of the Patton family to a private preview in Boston.

Patton’s daughter was blown away by Scott’s mesmerizing Oscar-winning portrayal of her father. She immediately sent the following telegram to her lawyers:

Call off the dogs, piss on the fire and go home.

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