Denny’s Daily Zinger: The End of Taxis

Peggy loves Uber.

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I despise taxis.

They are grungy, with an impenetrable wall in front of me. I have no legroom.

I worry. Are we going the most direct route? What should I tip? I hate fumbling for cash and waiting for change.

Last week, a medallion—which gives a cabbie the right to operate his scuzzy cab in New York City—sold for $965,000.00.


The Uber Experience
We spent the weekend in New York City where Peggy put the Uber App on her new iPhone and gave Uber her credit card number.

After a visit with family, Peggy hit the App and a map of our West 78th Street neighborhood appeared. In the center was a red flag showing exactly where we were located. In the nearby streets were schematics of seven black cars with a message: “The nearest driver is approximately 5 minutes away.”

Five minutes later, a spotlessly clean black Chrysler Town Car pulled up and we gave the well-dressed driver an address on West 44th Street.

Fifteen minutes later, we pulled up in front of Sardi’s restaurant, said “thank you” to the driver, and went in for the late Vincent Sardi’s spectacular signature cannelloni.

No cash changed hands. Peggy’s credit card was charged. Tip was included.

The receipt arrived a few minutes later on Peggy’s iPhone—roughly 20 percent cheaper than a taxi.

This 21st century business model has totally replaced the 18th century one that goes back to horse and carriage days.

I love it!

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  • Michael (Mike) Webster

    Taxis are heavily regulated because in the past having no barrier to entry encouraged too competitive a market.

    Uber will accelerate a poor market into a non-existent market.

    You could look it up or ask me more about it.

  • Reg Doherty

    ~~~ Uber article impressive and in line with “Hatch Thinking”..

    …but what about vetting of Uber drivers and insurance issues, just for starters? I have no idea, but it kind of smacks of some of the armed robberies I’ve heard about using Craig’s List, luring people with impossible prices for items. (There’s an adage in direct sales that goes, “Fill the need, and feed the greed.)

    Denny, I haven’t been in a cab for years and years, but certainly they take credit cards now, no? And BTW, who can afford a $965,000 medallion. Do they use the time payment plan to pay it off? (tongue in cheek) And who really funds these medallions. Certainly not the strange people who drive the cabs.

    Perhaps an amalgamation of the two parties involved is where it’s going to end up. Interesting!