Denny’s Daily Zinger: Test Everything! Offers, Prices, Copy, Even a Pop-up Park!

In the 1960s, the giant I-95 interstate highway was built parallel to the Delaware River. All residents of Philadelphia—America’s first great seaport—were cut off from the water.
The few pedestrian bridges built across the highway have helped.

But in the ’60s, roads mattered; people did not.

For years, city politicians and private developers have been muttering about gentrifying the banks of the Delaware and making it people-friendly.

Illustration No. 1 in the media player right shows drawings by developers and their architects. They are neat, tidy and boring as dirt.

The big question to be asked: If the millions of dollars were spent on shoreline parks, would anybody come?

The Amazing Pop-Up Park
In late spring, a giant barge was towed into the little harbor at Penn’s Landing and a slew of cargo shipping containers appeared.

The paved walkway was transformed into a boardwalk. Openings were cut into the cargo containers and they became food stands, an information kiosk, a beer garden and venue for coin-operated games.

Beach chairs were set up in sand around the perimeter of the barge, along with shuffleboard and ping-pong. In the center was an aquatic garden.

The Spruce Street Harbor Park is a two-month experiment (July and August).

It is untidy, involving, fun, perpetually mobbed and a hoot!

Takeaways to Consider

  • In marketing there are just two rules: (1) Test everything. (2) See Rule No. 1. —Malcolm Decker
  • This goes for anything, offers, prices even a pop-up park.

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