Denny’s Daily Zinger: Do Not Waste Your Readers’ Time!

USA Today.

In this brave new world of “data-driven marketing,” the mantra is:

Don’t sell. Engage. Create relationships.

What is not discussed: how emailers bugger up relationships by wasting readers’ precious time.

In my home office, I do not have TV or listen to the radio. So I signed up with several online news providers for breaking news alerts.

From my inbox:
July 25, 2014:

USA TODAY NEWS: 5 things you need to know Friday
USA Today: up-to-date coverage
7:52 AM

Note the text: “5 things you NEED TO KNOW … ”

1. Amazon Fire Phone Is Released for AT&T
Okay. That’s an important news story. Not as important as the news of Amazon’s stock taking a 10 percent hit, decreasing Jeff Bezos’ net worth by $3 billion. The reason: increased sales, poor net earning and a $127 million loss for the quarter.

The reason: Bezos sells everything too cheap. He’s investing in putting every retailer in America out of business so he can be the last man standing, then raise prices through the roof.

2. French Troops Recover Air Algerie Black Box; No Survivors Found
Okay. Like all frequent flyers, I’m spooked by this string of pile-ups.

3. Wrongly Accused Man Is Exonerated by DNA Test
I don’t need to know this.

4. ‘Hercules’ Opens in Theaters Nationwide
Give me a break.

5. Paris Hilton Back to Burgers and Bikinis

This confirms my belief USA Today is a fatuous, sensation-seeking little rag nobody pays cash for, so it’s given away free in hotels worldwide.

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  • Reg Doherty

    Got a smarter-than-you-phone? Check out the app Fast News (Android for me). It covers a plethora of news sources, all in just one place. Things change, but USA Today used to be THE most popular paper out there.