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Denny's Daily Zinger: Can You Bring Back a Dead Brand?

January 29, 2014 By Denny Hatch
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A catalog that keeps dead brands alive—memories of your grandparents' childhood—is Voice of the Mountains, published by the Vermont Country Store.

 Among the stuff they sell:

Plus slews more oldies and goodies.

Newsweek Redux?
Back in the very early days of this blog, I wrote a piece on the founding of Time Magazine in 1923. It launched the great Henry Luce empire of Time, LIFE, Fortune and Sports Illustrated.

Ten years later, Newsweek was born. For nearly 80 years, Newsweek was second banana. In 2010, editor Tina Brown announced a merger with Newsweek. At the end of 2012, Newsweek ceased its print edition. The business model could not work.


Tina Brown done gone. Disappeared—from Daily Beast, from Newsweek, from publishing.

Astonishingly, in December 2013, Newsweek editor Jim Impoco announced a return to print. "It's going to be a more subscription-based model, closer to what The Economist is compared to what Time magazine is," Mr. Impoco said. "We see it as a premium product, a boutique product."

Christine Haughney wrote in The New York Times:

Mr. Impoco said in an interview that Newsweek would depend more heavily on subscribers than advertisers to pay its bills—and that readers would pay more than in the past.

My take: If you believe people will pay a premium price for week-old news in print, you also believe in the tooth fairy.



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