Denny’s Daily Zinger: I Care. eBirdseed Doesn’t.

In the winter months, I set up a birdfeeder on the back patio.
My supplier is

When snowstorm Hercules hit with 8 inches of snow on Jan. 3, my first task at 6 a.m. was to shovel space around the birdfeeder and check the supply of sunflower chips and hearts. I care about my little friends.

I was low on birdseed. I had ordered 40 pounds in late December and received an email telling me the order was received and shipped.

I went to so I could email a query about the order status. On the eBirdseed website, I could not find a customer service rep to contact.

I am a write guy, not a talk guy. I hate telephones. I hate making a call and getting a recording. I despise telephone reps—robo and live. When forced to call a company—be it Verizon or eBirdseed—I get a knot in my gut. But I gritted my teeth and dialed eBirdseed.

A live person finally came on the line. She would forward the message to the order department and someone would look up the order and call me back.

I told her I did not see a place on the website where I could email a customer service rep with a question.

“That’s right,” she said.

Takeaways to Consider

  • It is imperative to make customer interaction a comfortable experience—choice of phone, fax, mail or email.
  • No eBirdseed response by the end of the day.
  • I care. eBirdseed doesn’t.

Denny Hatch is the author of six books on marketing and four novels, and is a direct marketing writer, designer and consultant. His latest book is “Write Everything Right!” Visit him at

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  • Tim Orr

    Right on, Denny! Had a similar experience with Southwest Airlines a few years ago. They told me that they didn’t do online/e-mail customer service contact because they felt it got in the way of the "personal" nature of their relationship with customers. As Bob Hoffman says, I don’t want a personal relationship with my airline. I want transportation. I imagine you just wanted birdseed. Nowadays, one of the biggest complaints I hear is that no one ever answers their phone, and you end up having to leave voicemail, which leads to "dueling voicemails." E-mail is a great tool that too many sellers are ignoring.