C.R.M. (Customer Relationship Misery)

Peggy and I erred in trusting the information from Rick Steve's website to help us find the American Express office in Moscow. We lost an entire afternoon and suffered serious agita.

The Utter Incompetence of TD Bank and T-Mobile/Android

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In late 1945, the father of a schoolmate returned after serving as a lieutenant on Admiral Bull Halsey’s staff during World War II in the Pacific to find that his wife had run off with an older rich guy. The affair did not last and the wife (who was also very rich) pleaded with my friend’s father to take her back “for the sake of the children.”

He agonized over the offer and decided against it. As he said to me many years later: “If you walk into a dark room and get hit over the head with a two-by-four, you’re a damned fool to go back into that room.”

His words were etched in my brain.

For example, I once bought a pair of grey wool trousers from Jos. A. Bank Clothiers. I have always had a dreadful body and everything I buy needs some alteration. I wore the pants once and they dug cruelly into my lower parts—fore and aft. I threw them out. They were my second purchase from Jos. A. Bank—my first and my last.

Jos. A. Bank Clothiers are advertising all over cable television here in the East, and the commercials are like fingernails on a blackboard.

However, my experience with Jos. A. Bank was nothing compared to how TD Bank and T-Mobile/Android manhandled us on our trip to Moscow last month.

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