Data Driven: Data Wrangler

Corralling Web data into a more useful tool chest

The most important recent change in the world of data-driven marketing is a single data analyst can now drive significant value using the powerful and affordable tools that are available in today’s information technology world. Let’s look at the opportunities that are involved with Web data and, specifically, two actionable ways for creating value with a high ROI:

  • Web data within its own reporting environment
  • Integrating Web data into a multichannel reporting and marketing environment

Google Analytics is a powerful, but complex tool. There are three underused Google Analytics reporting tactics that can be executed by a single e-commerce team member. Here’s how they may be integrated into a multichannel environment:

1. Funnel Visualization
For those who enjoy a visual component to their analytics, the “Funnel Visualization” feature is a great way to track where users drop off during the checkout process
. This tool can be found under “conversions > goals > funnel visualization.” To use this feature, you will first need to define the goal (what pages your funnel will be displaying) under “admin > goals > create a goal.”


An example of a strong goal to track is how many people added a product to the shopping cart, whether they entered billing and shipping information, and then whether or not this generated a sale (as displayed in the funnel to the right). If a customer number or email address is present, adding certain fields to the customer record will allow value to be created for other media channels. A customer who is entering products into the shopping cart and making it past the shipping and handling information is a more engaged customer who may warrant different contact strategies in the email or print channels.

For those who abandon the shopping cart altogether, an abandoned cart email program is a proven tactic for adding incremental value to a customer record.

Geoff Wolf is EVP of client strategy at the Mission, Kan.-based direct marketing agency J. Schmid & Associates.
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