Nuts & Bolts - Case Study: Dumping Gutter Jargon, Gaining Leads

Challenge: Generate leads.
Paid and organic search program.

Jeff Drugmand needed to take his website’s language out of the gutter. After all, the site’s jargon about its roof-based precipitation chute was stumping the average customer—a home-owner, not a contractor—who tried to hire Colorado 
Seamless Gutters.

“We needed to be able to speak in terms that the layperson could understand,” he says.

That concept of “seamless,” for instance, had to be explained quickly once homeowners landed on his site. So Drugmand, CEO of the Lafayette, Colo.-based business, took a leap of faith—thankfully, not while standing on any of his customers’ roofs.

In March 2009, Drugmand embarked on an all-out effort to enhance Colorado Seamless Gutters’ digital presence by initiating paid and organic search optimization. American Fork, Utah-based local online marketing services provider OrangeSoda recommended a three-tiered approach that began with paid and organic search, and layered in Google Maps optimization in May 2010.

Part of the transformation involved immediately answering that seamless gutters question on the home page with a less than two-minute video explaining that seamless gutters have no seams, so they don’t leak like the others do.

But according to Drugmand, the most important change happened after he optimized for the keywords: “Denver Gutters”—it started raining leads.

“We had a website, but we didn’t have any optimization services or an SEM program, whatsoever,” Drugmand says. “We just had a website out there, and whoever found it, found it, and whoever didn’t, didn’t.”

Knowing he wanted to take a “white hat” approach to build his reputation with the search engines— rather than a quick fix that would splinter and drop in the rankings by winter—Drugmand opted to slowly climb the ladder from the 12th search result to the top. In 2009, he reached No. 1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches for “Denver Gutters” in time for his peak 
month, October.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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