Nuts & Bolts - Web: Is 2013 the Year of the Cloud?

Remember the first year mobile marketing was supposed to take hold? No? Well, get out the calendars. This is the year cloud computing is supposed to become mainstream and unite with mobile, according to Forrester’s James Staten.

In his blog post for the Cambridge, Mass.-based research firm, Staten reports 10 survey results about cloud computing. In the Dec. 3 post, “2013 Cloud Predictions: We’ll Finally Get Real About Cloud,” Staten also notes: “According to the latest ‘Forrsights Surveys,’ nearly half of all enterprises in North America and Europe will set aside budget for private cloud investments in 2013, and nearly as many software development managers are planning to deploy applications to the cloud.”

Here’s how survey respondents believe marketers will treat the cloud:

1. Marketers will finally stop saying, “Everything is going cloud.”

2. Cloud and mobile will become one.

3. Marketers will stop stressing about cloud service-level agreements.

4. Marketers will get real about cost modeling.

5. Infrastructure and operations will free the development teams to build apps in the cloud.

6. Marketers will get real about using the cloud for backup and disaster recovery.

7. Marketers will stop equating cloud with commodity (mass-produced, unspecialized product).

8. Marketers will stop equating cloud with Amazon Web Services.

9. Marketers will acknowledge that advanced virtualization is a good thing and, no, it’s not a cloud.

10. Developers will awaken to: Development isn’t all that different in the cloud.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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