Cover Story: Cancer Survivors Pay It Forward

Diana Keim, Associate VP of Annual Giving, City of Hope

City of Hope sent patients and former patients a holiday e-card, then two emailed letters from Michelle A. Gearhart-Pash requesting donations.

Diana Keim, Associate VP of Annual Giving, City of Hope

City of Hope layers email and direct mail for award-winning results in first patient-centric appeal

Michelle A. Gearhart-Pash beat cancer more times than there are words in her name—yet her smile still takes up half her face.
“I am a cancer survivor who is here today because of City of Hope,” reads the letter she signed for the Duarte, Calif. nonprofit cancer hospital.

“Who better to tell the story about patient care than a patient?” asked Diana Keim, associate VP of annual giving at City of Hope. The six-time breast cancer survivor, Gearhart-Pash, came to mind immediately as the perfect person to tell her story for the hospital’s first fundraising effort specifically sent to City of Hope patients. She became the face of the first patient campaign not only because Gearhart-Pash has been treated at the hospital for 26 years, says Keim, but because the co-founder and member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council is so involved with the hospital and understands its compassionate patient and family care.

Gearhart-Pash was the first, but not the last, patient to tell her story so City of Hope’s former and current patients—who haven’t been seen at the hospital more recently than three months before the campaigns—could donate to their research and treatment facility.

During the past two years, City of Hope and Arlington, Va.–based direct marketing agency Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey (CCAH) sent email and direct mail to patients twice during the first year, then quarterly because it’s been received so well. The campaign’s debut during the 2012 holiday season saw an average gift of $107 from 921 donors among 60,657 direct mail recipients. On Sunday, Dec. 6, 2012, City of Hope and CCAH layered on an email campaign that began with a holiday card and followed up with two letters from Gearhart-Pash. More than 32 percent of recipients opened the emails and 0.13 percent of the patient audience responded, with an average donation of $190.48.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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